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It will be “Bright Lights, Big City” for bakers around the world when the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) sets up shop in Las Vegas this fall. Running October 8 – 11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the event will turn a spotlight on the newest equipment, innovations, and companies shaping the industry.

For exhibitors like Handtmann, the “Baking Expo” is much more than a show. It's a rare opportunity to showcase Handtmann's newest line of baking equipment to over 20,000 baking professionals from 100 different countries.

And in an event this big, that means doing what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

“This show runs only once every three years, so it's important to present both proven solutions and our newest innovations. That's why we’ve expanded our booth this year and are focusing on making this an interactive experience,” says Philippe Trepanier, Specialist with Handtmann Canada Bakery.

For baking professionals, seeing is surely believing. That's why Handtmann's is using its booth space to show a number of its process solutions in action. That includes a VF 620 B divider operating with a clear cover so booth visitors can see the simple, short product path of its patented vane cell feed system in action. The bakery team will also be demonstrating the SE 442 cutting system for pizza, breads, and cookie dough; as well as their sheeting technology.

“We want attendees to really get up close to our equipment. People will see the VF 630 B feed cornbread dough and brownies into the Handtmann FS 551 multi-lane depositing station then drop precisely portioned product into Mylar packaging formed by the Multivac R535 with innovative bake-in-pack Mylar®Bake film. This process forms, fills, and seals the film, making it freezer ready. The consumer can then bake it off in the packaging and it's ready to serve,” says Trepanier.

Adding this level of interactivity, he says, is key to demonstrating the equipment's advantages. This includes the VF 620's delicate handling of materials and inclusions; the FS 551's ease of use and industry-leading accuracy; and the ability of Handtmann sheeting equipment to achieve thin, accurate, and consistent depositing.

“It's really our goal to show first-hand how this equipment can improve the consistency of products, make work easier, re-allocate labour, and save money for business owners,” says Trepanier. “When all is said and done, it's all about helping our customers become more profitable.”

Building on Experience

Since its first appearance at IBIE, Handtmann has developed innovative equipment solutions that will debut this year in Vegas. Says Trepanier, these new developments will reflect Handtmann's focus on consumer trends and offer up what IBIE attendees want to see.  “One of the biggest trends we noticed at our first show – and in the industry since – is that flexibility is becoming more and more important in baking equipment. Because of that, we'll also be demonstrating our SE 442 cutting unit which has a small footprint, is very portable, can switch effortlessly between products, and is easily washed down at the end of a product run.”

Handtmann's North American team won't be alone at this year's show. Appealing to IBIE's global flavour, Handtmann's Canadian and US teams will be joined by their bakery counterparts from Germany and representatives from Handtmann Mexico.

Together, the international Handtmann team are eager to join the crowds in Las Vegas this fall and make their mark on the tradeshow floor. Speaking to its IBIE game plan in whole, Trepanier adds, “Today's baking professionals are looking for flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy, and that's what we intend to show them.”

Philippe Trepanier is a Handtmann Canada Limited Bakery Team Specialist. Visit Handtmann at booth #9941 and find them online at www.handtmann.ca. For more information on the Baking Expo, visit www.ibie2016.com.