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Pearly Strategy has release an insights from a survey of 1000 Canadians across the country to help understand their opinions and beliefs on health & wellness. This Health & Wellness research was conducted in 3 stages. Below are the link to the infographic and blog including key insights.   .

Infographic 1: http://www.pearl-strategy.ca/health-wellness-in-canada-infographic-part-1/
Blog 1: http://www.pearl-strategy.ca/health-wellness-in-canada-blog-part-1/

  • Over 80% of Canadians are not Very/Completely Satisfied with their personal health & wellness. Men are more satisfied than women. Gen X (37-51 years of age) are less satisfied than the other generational segments. In terms of regions, Ontario was more satisfied, while Quebec was less satisfied.
  • Eating healthier, exercising more and reducing stress are top priority actions, while aging well and avoiding injury & illness are the results they aspire to. Eating healthier is a universal goal shared by all segments.
  • Functional benefits are the most tangible outcomes of achieving health & wellness, however Canadians also strongly associate health & wellness with the emotional benefits of feeling more cheerful, balance and vitality.

Infographic 2: http://www.pearl-strategy.ca/health-wellness-in-canada-part-2-infographic/
Blog 2: http://www.pearl-strategy.ca/health-wellness-in-canada-blog-part-2/

  • Eating healthy, Exercise and Taking vitamins and supplements are the top 3 actions taken, with Boomers rating Healthy Eating and Taking vitamins/supplements higher than the other age segments.
  • The most important products/services to achieve health and wellness  for Canadians is food (87%) followed by mattress and bedding (66%) prescription medication (60%) beverages (59%) alternative Medicines (42%)
  • Canadians state there are a number of attitudes and behaviours that they agree with when it comes to their health & wellness. Reading food nutrition labels, Balancing taste and health when choosing food, and Managing weight to improve their health are the top rated statements.

Infographic 3: http://www.pearl-strategy.ca/health-wellness-in-canada-part-3/
Blog 3: http://www.pearl-strategy.ca/health-wellness-in-canada-blog-part-3/

  • Canadians use technology in a variety of ways to support their health & wellness needs. Finding recipes, online searches and fitness tracker were the top 3 ways technology is used.
  • The top 3 source of information Canadians use when searching for health and wellness information are online search engine (48%) books (18%) in-person or telephone (16%)
  • Canadians state the top 3 ways they share and discuss healthy food and personal care products, and healthy restaurant meals are In-person or telephone, Email, and Facebook.