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Alan Dumonceaux and Marcus Mariathas will be the first Canadians ever to compete in the prestigious Masters de la Boulangerie.

Alan Dumonceaux, a baking instructor at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and Marcus Mariathas, master baker for Ace Bakery based in Toronto, are among a select group of bakers worldwide chosen to compete in the Masters de la Boulangerie, the top baking contest in the world.  Dumonceaux was the pastry specialist for Baking Team Canada, which qualified for the 2016 Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, the team baking competition. Mariathas was the artisan bread specialist.

The Masters competition, which will run Feb. 3-6, 2018 in Paris, is the individual contest that follows the Coupe du Monde. Participants are chosen by judges from among the best competitors in the Coupe du Monde and its qualifying event, the 2015 Louis Lesaffre Cup.  Dumonceaux and Mariathas will spend the next several months developing recipes and practicing techniques. During the 10-hour competition, the bakers will make classic pastries and breads to strict specifications.


  • Masters de la Boulangerie participants compete in one of 3 categories: gourmet baking, bread-making and artistic bread-making, in which the bakers build an intricate showpiece made from bread.
  • 6 competitors are chosen in each of the 3 categories.
  • The competition is part of the Europain 2018 trade show in Paris, which includes about 700 exhibitors and 65,000 visitors from 140 countries.


Masters de la Boulangerie 2018 
Alan Dumonceaux
Marcus Mariathas