Buyer's Guide

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One of the most valuable resources an association can provide to its members is a customized Buyer’s Guide.  Buyer’s Guides drive the purchasing process by breaking through the clutter of traditional search engine results, allowing users to easily find what they need, while providing associations with an excellent tool for generating non-dues revenue.

MediaEdge will work with you to:buyersguide V5

  • create a user-friendly Buyer’s Guide, designed to complement your association’s existing branding
  • ensure the guide contains relevant headlines, categories, sub-categories, hyper-links, and multiple search capabilities
  • ensure your members can easily locate people, products, services and information specific to their industry
  • continue to grow your potential member lists with qualified leads
  • use our industry connections to add new suppliers and companies to your existing database, and in turn your association can target these companies with additional marketing efforts 

Your Buyer’s Guide will be linked back to your association homepage, driving even more traffic to you and keeping your association top of mind. 

It will allow you to generate informative reports that include traffic, metrics and open/click rates, and identify trends based on guide user interests.

Add a Buyer’s Guide to your communications plan today.  Ask us how.

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